A Closer Look: Inside the Life of Our Animal Rescue Centre

Our aim is to provide care for wild animals in need so that they can be returned to the wild fit and healthy for a second chance at life. Our team care for and support a variety of wildlife animals. 
Annually the centre cares for approximately 4,000 wildlife casualties and handles over 7,000 enquiries for help and advice. This is achieved with a staff of knowledgeable employees, and a team of dedicated volunteers, friends and supporters. 
We would love for you to see the vital work we do however the needs of our patients are our priority. They need a restful, quiet and secure environment to make the best recovery. We are not therefore open to the public, other than to deliver wildlife casualties by pre-arrangement.  

If you have donations of food or bedding we would prefer you, if possible, to deliver them to one of our shops where we can then transport and store them in our warehouse until we need them. 
The centre is closed overnight but we do operate 24 hour Wildlife Rescue Service for large mammals such as deer, badgers or foxes. We do not have any onsite veterinary cover so if medical care is needed treatment may come quicker if you call a 24 hour veterinary practice.  

Once the casualty has received medical treatment vets will often contact us to collect the animal and provide the ongoing care throughout the patients recovery period and up to its release. 

Our Core Values: Compassion, Commitment, and Responsibility 

The very essence of our rescue centre is rooted in three fundamental tenets: compassion, commitment, and responsibility. Compassion is our driving force, leading us to not only acknowledge the distress of the animals but also to actively alleviate their suffering. Commitment is seen in our steadfast determination to offer unmatched levels of care to our animal guests.  

It's our promise to them, showing that we're in this for the long haul. Responsibility, on the other hand, underlines our ethical obligation to safeguard the wellbeing of our animal inhabitants, both within the shelter and once they step out into the world. These core values are not just words; they are the principles we live by every single day, guiding each decision and action we take. 

The Day-to-Day Operations: It’s More Than Just Feeding and Sheltering 

The daily workings at our centre encompass a holistic approach to animal care. Beyond the provision of nourishment and a safe haven, we offer extensive healthcare, emotional counselling, skill training, and socialisation opportunities. Our expert veterinarians promptly attend to medical needs, performing necessary procedures and follow-up treatments.  

Concurrently, the heartwarming care provided by our dedicated team aids in the animals' emotional healing. In preparation for their new homes, we also provide behavioural training and organise socialisation activities to foster adaptability and sociability in our animals. 

How You Can Get Involved: Volunteering and Donating 

Our centre thrives on community support and involvement. There are numerous ways you can contribute to our noble cause. By offering your time as a volunteer, you can help in various roles, from animal care to administrative tasks.  

Financial contributions, whether big or small, are always warmly welcomed and directly aid in our ongoing rescue and rehabilitation efforts. 

Donations can also be made in the form of much-needed resources like animal food, blankets, toys and medical supplies – We never turn away shredded newspaper as it makes perfect bedding. Opting to adopt an animal from our centre is another wonderful way to help.  

Remember, every little effort significantly boosts our capacity to enhance and safeguard the lives of our animal friends. Your involvement can truly make a world of difference.