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We operate our own animal and bird rescue centre

Welcome to RSPCA North Wilts and Newbury District

In 2024 we celebrate our 50th anniversary and would like to thank everybody who donated goods to our shops, who bought from our shops and especially those who donated money here online we couldn't fund our wildlife rescue centre without you. We would also like to thank our invaluable team of volunteers, we are always looking for more volunteers in either our shops or at the wildlife rescue centre and would be delighted to hear from you.

We also sell new goods here in our online shop that we will deliver to your door. We have just launched our Summer Collection that will make beautiful additions to any garden and that help our feathered, furry and buzzing friends. All proceeds from our online shop will go towards our animal welfare work.

Wild birds

We care for thousands of birds each year, below is some advice on what you can do if you find and injured bird

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Wild animals

Thousands of wild animals, which include over 150 different species, are admitted to our wildlife rescue centre each year

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Animals at home

By providing your pets with a loving and nurturing environment, you are ensuring their health and happiness for years to come

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Spring activities for kids

Children can develop a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment whilst having fun in the garden

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Wildlife friendly gardening

Spring is upon us and there are many things you can do in your own garden to provide a wildlife friendly environment

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Our rescue centre

Annually our wildlife rescue centre cares for approximately 4,000 wildlife casualties and handles over 7,000 enquiries

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About us and what we do

RSPCA North Wilts and Newbury District is an independent Branch of the National RSPCA. We rely solely on donations from the public through our shops and online sales and donations through this website. The money we raise goes towards our animal welfare work.

Make a One Off Donation

All donations help provide treatment and support to many animals at our wildlife rescue centre. Thanks to the generosity of those that donate we were able to treat over 2,000 animals in 2023. This link will take you to our official donation page where you can make a one off donation


Set up a Monthly Donation

Regular monthly donations provide some certainty of income and allows us to plan and resource our activities effectively. Also we accept Giftaid and you can leave a legacy contribution to us as part of your will. This link will take you to our official donation page where you can set up a regular monthly donation


Volunteer With Us

Volunteers play an important role in the charity and we couldn’t work without them.  We always have a variety of roles available from helping to generate income in the stores to caring for the animals at our Wildlife Centre. Contact us now or you can make a direct application to volunteer with us

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Easy Fundraising

Sign up to easyfundraising and see your favourite brands donate to the cause you care about. easyfundraising partners with us and will donate part of what you spend when you shop online to a cause of your choice. It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.

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Amazon Wishlist

In 2023 we cared for over 2,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds. Our aim is to return the animals and birds to the wild where possible. By purchasing an item from our Wishlist, you are directly helping us continue our work.

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Gifting in your will

We are entirely reliant upon the generosity of our kind supporters and a high percentage of our income comes in the form of gifts included in peoples' wills. RSPCA Oak and Furrows has officially partnered with Kwill to give you the opportunity to write your will online for free in as little as 30 minutes

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Tahera - Artisan Bird Nester
Tahera - Artisan Bird Nester
Tahera - Artisan Bird Nester
Tahera - Artisan Bird Nester

Tahera - Artisan Bird Nester

Regular price£14.99
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The Tahera Nester is the elegant elongated ‘teardrop’ model. Teardrop in shape offers a smaller cavity perfect for species of small garden bird who roost alone. Offering a cosy place to roost during harsh winter months, plus in springtime, small birds may use this Fair Trade product as a nest.

The Fair Trade Bird Nester has a sturdy inner frame for support. Attached strong metal hooks at the rear and a long loop at the top to ensure you can fasten the nester securely. As a result, these make it easier to site the nester in the natural leaf cover and vegetation of ivy, bushes, trees or hedges. The nester has a small round entrance reinforced with steel. It is also slightly protruding to make it easy for birds to land and perch on.

Purchasing our Fair Trade product helps both wildlife and people. In addition to giving a bird a nest, you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them. Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty. Handmade to the highest quality finish using hogla grass and recycled saris.

Every nester is unique in colour! Each artisan chooses the colourful recycled sari pattern making every nester different.

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