Tribute Fund

Celebrate a loved one’s memory
with an online Tribute Fund. The tribute page allows you to create an online memorial in memory of a special loved one.

In Memory – a celebration

We have partnered with MuchLoved, a special website which gives the opportunity to create beautiful, personal, and lasting online memorials for friends and families to remember loved ones.

What is an online Remembrance Tribute?

The tribute page allows you to create an online memorial in memory of a special loved one.

Tribute pages are a unique and easy way to keep memories alive and are a very special way to support a cause close to your loved one’s heart.

A tribute page is a particularly touching way to share memories.

  • Online tributes are a unique online place for friends and family to share memories, thoughts, and photos of their loved one and light virtual candles to mark anniversaries.
  • They are a way for friends and family wherever they are to do something positive and remember a loved one, which may be of some comfort during a time of grief.
  • It is straightforward and free to set-up a tribute page and the page will remain open for as long as you want it to.
  • Visitors to the tribute page can donate in memory of your loved one to the RSPCA Wildlife Rescue Centre on this page.

How to Create your own tribute page?

  1. Create your Remembrance Tribute with MuchLoved by clicking on the button below.
  2. Add to your Remembrance Tribute with an introduction and photos and videos or by posting memories and lighting a virtual candle for your loved one.
  3. Share the link details of your Remembrance Tribute with friends and family so they can also add to the page with their own memories and personal messages.
  4. Add Funeral service or memorial details if one is being held for your loved one.
  5. Give access for other people to join the page.
  6. Share your page details to other to contribute their memories.

Find a tribute

You can find a particular Tribute page by searching by name on the website through the search facility.

To add a funeral notice

Its very easy to add a funeral notice to your tribute to give information and to share details about the funeral or memorial for family and friends to find all in one place.  Dates, times, locations, and maps can all be added to the page.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about Tribute Funds or would like to discuss other ways to give in memory of a loved one, please contact

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