Our Rescue Centre

Annually our wildlife rescue centre cares for approximately 4,000 wildlife casualties and handles over 7,000 enquiries for help and advice

Our Rescue Centre

Our aim is to provide care for wild animals in need so that they can be returned to the wild fit and healthy for a second chance at life. Our team care for and support a variety of wildlife animals.

Annually the centre cares for approximately 4,000 wildlife casualties and handles over 7,000 enquiries for help and advice. This is achieved with a staff of knowledgeable employees, and a team of dedicated volunteers, friends and supporters.

We would love for you to see the vital work we do however the needs of our patients are our priority. They need a restful, quiet and secure environment to make the best recovery. We are not therefore open to the public, other than to deliver wildlife casualties by pre-arrangement. If you have donations of food or bedding we would prefer you, if possible, to deliver them to one of our shops where we can then transport and store them in our warehouse until we need them.

We do not have any onsite veterinary cover so if medical care is needed treatment may come quicker if you call a 24 hour veterinary practice. Once the casualty has received medical treatment vets will often contact us to collect the animal and provide the ongoing care throughout the patients recovery period and up to its release.

I’ve found an animal what do I do now?

If you find an injured wild animal, watch it first to see how badly hurt it is. Then if you think it necessary you should preferably take it to a nearby vet. It’s often faster to take an animal to a vet yourself as our nearest volunteer collection driver may be out of the area attending other calls and it may take us some time to arrive.

Do not handle or transport any of the following animals. If you see one of these animals which are injured, keep a safe distance and call us on 01793 751 412 or 0300 1234 999.

Wild boar
Bird of prey (including owls)
For smaller, low-risk animals pick up carefully using protective gloves and put on a towel in a ventilated box. Do not feed or give water to the animal.

Small garden birds
Small rodents
Crows, rooks etc.
Young birds of prey
Rabbits and young hares

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